How seven famous people overcame depression without doctors


I have nothing against doctors except they don’t always know that much about any one topic and some are not good with what they call mental illness, which I think is partly caused by modern society and individualism and people moving around for economic reasons; also working too much.And loss of meaning in one’s life.And shame.

This is fascinating.I see Abraham Lincoln believed his life had an important purpose.Maybe all our lives do ,even when we may not know what that is.So we must not give up and moreover we should be more tolerant of other’s occasional bursts of pain and anguish.
This writer Bruce Levine is worth studying if you have the time… He believes we should all get more engaged with society and be less passive.
Nature is a great healer and one people in cities may miss out on.
In the North we had the heather moors


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    This is really a great topic to think about. Thank you for the idea.

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