Shakespeare’s enemies

All’s swell that blends well
All tell when ends jell.
Tall as well and weds a bell
As your bike’s blue lit

As You like bluetits

As you strike it .
As you make it up.
The Comedy of Sorrows
The remedy of mirrors
Jumbeline:sin and bloom
Wondering dreamer
Love’s Favours Cost
Life’s flavours lost
Have Labour lost.
Treasure for treasure
Pleasure for pleasure
Leisure is treasure
The Merry Waves of Windsor
The merry knaves of winter
The merry wives have entered
The merry laptop dances
The Penchant for Tennis
The merchants now menace
The searcher for tomorrow
The researcher was followed
A Midsummer flight’s scream
A midsummer nightgown
Much Ado About frothing
How about some mutuality
Much we do about nullity
Pericles, winced at Lies
Taming of the Screw
The screws are all to blame
Their tempers are skewed
Boil us and put cress on us.
Twelfth Bite.
Healthy Frog Night
Two Gentlemen of Harmonia
A winter’s grail.
A sprinter’s tail
I feel my tail
I mean, it’s a tall tail.
Is it at all pale?
No it’s a bowl.
I am barred
You are a card

Give us eternal pests.Oh Lord


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