I’m feeling very hungry,don’t you see?

I had a little missionary for my tea
I’m feeling very hungry,don’t you see?
I put a lot butter all over him
I must confess he was really far too thin.

Tomorrow morning I’ll boil an egg
Otherwise I’ll go outside and beg.
I have no missionaries in the house
But one is lurking outside near my dormouse.

It’s been a custom in my native home
To catch any missionary who there roams.
We believe we absorb their virtue best
By roasting them and having a big feast.

You see we are very backward here.
It must be genetic,so I fear.
We like to enjoy a very mixed dinner.
A few green leaves and more boiled sinners.

When we are civilised we’ll buy a nuclear bomb
And maybe  more computers and a  lot of guns
We’ll start a war and kill a lot of folk.
You can’t break an egg before you boil the yolk


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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