As for Canvassing,it’s for the deck chairs.

I,for one, will be very glad when the Erection is over.
I hate all this Pugnacity we get daily.
I will never go Whoring or vote Rebarbative.
I would rather have higher relaxation,personally.
I think we sould examine our terrors daily.
I will be glad when we get Rising Tramps off the T.V.
I don’t believe loving men is so aggressive.
I am hoping to switch myself off before the Big Ray comes.
As for Canvassing,it’s for the deck chairs.
Ed Miliband is doing better than his enemies jeered.
In the end,it’s love that counts so get out your arithmetic books and begin now.. one,love yourself,two love your enemy,three….
I myself hate the Hellish vision we all watch nightly.
Why not try reverie for an hour or two?


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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