Wind in my pillows

Cat free

Above is a link to Shakespeare’s plays


Wind in my pillows   [Life in a Cabin/Tent with no door.]
Save me,I’m a waspie         [Confused person demands help from a Bee ]
As you swipe it.             Use your card please while I watch]
As you wipe it ..[What an ass….keep it covered till later.]
As you spike it……………….[How to drug people senseful]
Did he take it. .[Bribes in modern life]
Did you bake it? [ White lies in between the courses]
As You Fake It…[Is anyone honest in bed?No,thank God!So far,so bad.]
As you take it.[All about saving thieves from me]
As I frighten it..[Get rid of daddy long legs.]
As you strike it..[ Do you think about the matches?]
Remedies for Terrier .[Dogs need psychotherapy too..]
Comedy of Worriers..[Why, is  there no trust is left in Society?]
Love’s Labor Costs [Even love needs money now]
Measure your Leisure..[Take away the last pleasures of free time with numbers.]
Merchant of Pennies.[I prefer pounds, but each to their own]
Sorry Lives of the Censored..[USA boobs again]
Midsummer Blights Schemes..[Too many leaves fell off the trees for devilment]
Julius Breather.[A break from antiquity at last’
Much Ado about Washing..[.Confessions of Dirty Married Men]
Taming of the Brew      [ How to make tea in a pot and live to drink it]
The Tempest missed.. [Lucky me]
Elves Night…[No.not again.Elves are too small or I am a giant]
Too gentle women may moan for her    [].Oh,dear.Highly Sensitive Women
Hinters fail.. [Some folk like me just never get it.Tell us straight.]
I never knew you ;oved me me till you were gone with the wind……[I sinned.]
Blind to men’s charms and hence not in their arms..[and other alarms]
Ring here…[Helpline for numb actors.]
The Bride and Seven other{polygamy or bigamy.Is it polite?]
A Gossamer Flight of  Day Dreams..[Spiders for Britain]
Kings Sneer      [Always an error]
Richard Who Dared..[Wars of the Poseurs]
MacDeath       [Stay off burgers]
MacClef      [Musical Version with real instruments]
Sing Dear  [Love for the well aged]

King Veered  [How Eddie lost the throne for lurv]


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