I have talked it over


He cooked his own goose with one stroke and hit the nail on the head.Which is more than one can say for her.
There’s no smoke without a fire, as the farmer said to the pig.
In my view I’m not a racist I’m British and proud of it.The empire was of great benefit to the natives on all sides.
Well.look at it from my perspective.
Many a trouble has its double
Bless me Father,I have twins.Through my fault,through my fault,through my most grievous fault.
No need to boast.Just keep the home fires burning if you’ll pardon the expression.
I just can’t cry any more.Too many crooks spoiled the broth and I can’t blame them as we’ve all been in the same position more or less,bar the missionaries of course.I’ll tell you what I think;we’re all mad as that hatter who lived in a shoe.And he didn’t know what to do by a long chalk.He wasn’t Jewish,which was a shame.It wasn’t his fault.I blame his parents.Definitely.What could he do?He had psychoanalysis for thirty years but was never circumcisedd so he couldn’t pass for Jewish even with his hat,beard and vocabulary.If only he hadn’t gone to the gents he could be praying in the synagogue right now,although admittedly it was burned down by that Himmler chap and his cronies.There was always something of the barbarian about those Nazis… say what you like but I’d never trust one further than I could throw him,in a manner of speaking.You know what I mean;it’s horses for courses although I don’t know any Jewish jockeys myself.i think they prefer lions ot possibly antelopes.Have you ever seen a gazelle pulling a cart?Me,neither.That makes two of us.Great minds and so forth.Well,I can’t keep listening all night.I’m off.I have other fish to fry.I’m so popular I’ve been framed.Why do women talk so much when they could be scrubbing the floor.It’s innate,you know.genetic.They’re wired for it and love a few brillo pads for Xmas or Channukka…say what you like but God did impregnate a lady of Hebrew ethnicity…life’s a puzzle to all of us but more so to men as we have no hearts to speak of.For God’s sake,be quiet or I’ll call the police.
Talking isn’t illegal, is it?


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