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I have noticed,like most people in the West,that positive thinking seems to be fashionable.And if you feel blue or down and say,I feel I am worthless,then you are advised to say to yourself
I value myself,I am wonderful,etc
Now this has been used with children as in praising highly whatever they do…but some people think it’s led to an increase in narcissism;that is the favourite topic of much talk now.
I have decided it’s better to say to myself:Why am I judging myself as worthless or not worthless?
I stop judging myself and do the best I can.And then I don’t concern myself with my image,if possible.Or if I begin to I just don’t ruminate over it nor try to make it go away because thoughts pass away if we leave them alone….
Self attack is not a good idea.Yet some of us were brought up to do that.. as in children of seven going to confess their sins for which Jesus was crucified.To me that is sadism and we must stop telling ourselves or anyone else that kind of damaging idea.Why Jesus died is very complex but it’s not because you stole a dollar/pound from your mother when you were 6 years old.
Do something to take your m ind off yourself.I like digital art using my photos as a beginning and fre software like Artweaver or Paint


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