He once fell in love

He once fell in love with an artist
Whom he courted with care and with tact
But when she moved in he was angry
Because she wasn’t matter of fact.

She liked to dream and to wonder
As she wandered the fields all day long.
He got  annoyed and nastily riled..
As forever she sang her own song.

She did not dream of his hankies
Nor boil them and scrub them each week,
She didn’t cook him his breakfast
Though she was was exceedingly sweet.

When he cursed loudly,she grumbled
She said he should be polite.
He was aggressive and angry
Because he believed he was right.

He sat down on his armchair
And listed down all her defects…
When she came in, he cursed again,
To teach her to have more respect.

Why are you not that angel
With golden and curly long hair?
Why did you trick me and trap me?
I am hurt and you don’t even care.

You didn’t know me, she answered
You constructed a mate with your mind.
And when you got to know me well
You didn’t realise you’d been blind.

I have done nothing to hurt you.
I am just who I always was.
You are angry I don’t fit your dreaming.
You’ll find out that no woman does

She packed her bag and departed
And he felt so lonely and lost,
But he knew he should stick to his principles
However dreadful the cost.

We all have our expectations
But we cannot read each others’ minds.
We assume we have found our soul mate
So attack her for being unkind.

In fact we treat others as phantoms
As ghosts from the back of our minds.
We rarely realise they are other
For we prefer to be blind.

We think we’re conversing and seeing
But we are talking, in the main, to ourselves
We have no Imagination
In fantasy blind we all dwell.

Yet there may be someone surprising
Who will give us a chance to be known….
But who dares to open their heart…
In case they might act like a clown.

Time is passing so swiftly
We need to let go of ideals.
We will die alone without knowing
That we can meet someone real.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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