You are an emergency


I’ll never love again,not whenever,never.Her hands are always waving,her nose runs all day and her feet tweet nonstop.Is it the New Exercise?

I made a witch profit by teaching her doubt  to cats.
At least tantalize me till it’s light tonight.
At last abreast for the I’s.Level at last.
He gave me a laugh and many sinful emotions I’d never imagined
He laughed all the way to the bonk
I generally lay my bards on the table before work
l left my mark on his back…..mud sticks and I cling
I leave no home unconsumed.
I’m just a devil in my own lifetime
I was left by his falter at the altar and I forgave him everything.
She’s a legend so well defined…she’s never out of her own mind
It was the fleeter of my two feet which arrived at the finishing post.I’ll catch up with it later.
Is that a crutch or are you Blimping to meet me?
Will they make my groans into groceries?
Let sloping fogs lie freely over all the elastic blands.
I let the flat out to an old hag.She had bags under her eyes and a broomstick under her charms.
Let’s never poll again.
I’ll never be a  glove again.
No,I’ll never write a double negative for you.No,not ever
She said,let’s spit now..but I refused,so she bit my head off with a word.She’s digested the dictionary and needs practice,you see.

His blinkers are perfect.His winks are a pleasure to behold.
Let’s love again before the next millenium ends
You keep me mating all of the time.What did I do,was it so wrong?
Was it my song?
You keep waiting till the end of the rhymes;
And longer,sometimes.
Let’s prance again while the potatoes simmer
and as our eyes grow much more dimmer.
Grammar.. who weeds that?
Cast your spellings onto me and I’ll import them into my head with the aid of a nail file.
What did I do? What was so bling?
I have your number  here in my diary … is it 999?
I’ll sentence you tomorrow.I give you my word and this full stop as I have few colons free.
Let me charm you again all night

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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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