All our troubles


The doctor said his heart had failed
So straight away his feelings quailed.
He went to bed to meet his end
And drove his dear wife round the bend.
He got up after thirteen days
And stuck his tongue out thirteen ways.
He hardly ate his well made meals
And wanted trifle or he squealed.
His wife explained that failure meant
His energy would soon be spent,
But not that he would die next week…
Though diuretics made him leak.
She washed his trousers and his shirts
She washed his hankies but was curt.
They had some cross words and were sad
And then he jumped on her i pad.
I think it’s not right,Millie said
You make me feel this awful dread.
My heart is aching in my breast.
Life has had too many tests.
I want to die and go to rest.
As  arthritis is a damned pest,
Not to mention cramp and flu
What ought us olden ladies do?
I shall be glad when life is done
But I shan’t use a bomb or gun.
I’ll lie outdoors in winter frost
To turn myself into a ghost.
Then I shall haunt those who hurt me
And drop live spiders in their tea.
I’ll moan out louldly by their bed
And make burned toast from out their bread.
I’ll sour their milk and spill their gin
And  bore holes in their biscuit tin.
Then when my rage is gone from me#
I’ll only haunt the apple tree.
Oh,dear Millie,?Arthur cried.
I want you here by my right side.
I am so sorry I am weak
Sometimes I can hardly speak
But when the bulbs are all in flower
I’ll not be feeling quite so dour.
We’ll catch a bus to Bushey Heath
When the oak trees are in leaf.
From there we see all London grey
Thank God we’re not there today.
Ok Sweetheart,Millie cried
I’m so glad we ‘ve not yet died.
I’ll wash your feet and comb your hair
And fold a blanket on your chair.
I’ll make a video for you
And mend with glue your old suede shoe.
I’ll wear some sexy clothes in bed
Just a minute,Arthur said.
If we make love then I will die.
Oh,dear, what a thing to say…
But if I die too we will be gay.
We’ll be in paradise at last…
And all our troubles will be past

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