The golden rule;oh what the heck

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My doctor thinks I am too fat
and advocates eating the cat
food from a tin
Or even the bin
what do all you old folk think of that?

Personally I do not mind
As cooking real food is a bind.
But visitors might
So keep the tins out of sight.
For cruelty’s very unkind/

Indeed sin is an offence to our race.
surely all humans can face
That harming and killing
Those who are unwilling
to recognise us has no case.

It’s a long time since God’s word had effect
The golden rule.oh,what the heck.
Selfishness pays
And nobody prays.
Nor do we pay our respects.

In the end we shall all be in hell
And God will send us the bill.
As the electricity’s dear
And so are our tears.
Yet we still fire our weapons and kill


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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  1. Another good one. Have a lovely weekend. xxx

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