My jokes

1.Why did Jesus cross the road?

Because He saw a zebra crossing.

2.Can we walk on water?

Only if it’s dead!

3.Is it good to pray all day?

Give God a bit of peace.Lay off.

4.Why did Jesus like women?

Because he was politically correct.

5.Did Jesus wear pyjamas?

Not all questions have an answer

6.Why did God choose the Jews?

Because they chose Him!

7.Why did Moses not get to the Promised land?

Because he had no ordnance survey map.Buy yours now!

8.Why was Jerusalem built on a hill?

It was easier than removing the hill first.

9 Did the ancient Hebrews have public conveniences?

No,they did  it in private.

10.Why do Jewish men have to please their wives in bed?

Why does any man have to please his wife… it’s what we call strategic thinking.

11 Did Jesus like Earl Grey tea?

It was no use at Weddings.

12.What is manna?

It’s style; je ne sais qua.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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