See life in proportion or from another perspective

7225947_f260When we  hurt,sometimes it’s hard to judge how bad the pain is.Maybe a small example will illustrate this point.A few days ago I was wearing some sandals which began to rub on my big toe.I ignored it for a while and carried on as usual.After a few hours I removed my sandals.When I looked at my toe it looked really horrible,red and painful.As I focussed more and more on the painful part the pain rose so that I could hardly bear it.

However when I stepped back mentally and put my attention on my whole body the pain seemed to diminish.And I could see it was not dangerous.

The lesson is,the more intensely we focus on anything,the more prominent in our minds and feelings it becomes.When we relax and see a wider picture then we get a better sense of proportion.Or if you are an artist you migt prefer,seeing things in perspective.The place from which you see something and the narrow or wide focus you use affects what you perceive.

This issue is one which is related to people having arguments because we forget when we are emotional that others are not standing where we are.And so they don’t see what we see.And furthermore,there is no correct way to see.Maybe there are inappropriate ways… better ways,worse ways?



Photo by Mike Flemming,Copyright.


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