Evading payment? Do I look like a thief?

1427319281397.5Yesterday I needed to go to collect a letter which had to be signed for.This means taking a bus into town and then walking a short way.However it was so hot that I decided to get some tea in a cafe I often visit.It’s possibly the only one where they have waiters and waitresses.

I drank my tea.It had come as a mug with a tea bag in boiling water.The very first time I was served tea like this was in the middle of London many years ago.I was quite taken aback and asked for coffee instead.Now I am used to it… except for, where do you put the tea bag? I also had a small  cake.While I was eating I saw a waiter nearby so I asked if I could pay him.Standing in a queue is painful for me.


When I left the cafe and began to walk up the road I heard a loud cry.I saw a waitress running after me…. calling out for payment.A little black man passing burst out laughing.He said,It’s so funny to think someone like you would cheat.I felt flattered that my ethical code was displayed on  my face until he pointed to my cane and said,You would be silly to steal when you can hardly walk.

On the whole I prefer being thought of as a thief than as a cripple!But mostly I love being treated as a human being.


A different cafe which also sells musical instruments.

We now have a large number of coffee shops.I think Muslims don’t drink alcohol and that may be one reason for it.But generally all of us Brits will pay a fortune for coffee because it’s a good way to meet friends…. most people no longer entertain at home.I think perhaps. because many mothers work they can’t spend  hours in the kitchen.Ironically we used to do it in  the 70’s and 80’s  when we didn’t have dishwashers and freezers and other helpful devices.

7300821_f260I prefer to meet in the cafe in the park as it is so quiet compared to the town centre and  usually there are enough people there to give me food for thought as well.Or to take photos for my digital art.The one below is a photo of my lower legs.

P1000262 1


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