What we used to eat and other rum memories

I have noticed that some popular dishes of my childhood are no longer eaten much

1.Scotch eggs …….  boiled eggs coated in sausage meat and deep fried

2.Anything deep fried. except cow’s eyes

3.Steamed jam roly poly pudding

4.Most cooked puddings and pies.Apple pie was the most common

5 Carnation milk.

6.Lentil soup made using a ham bone.Jewish folk who never knew…God is ok with that!

7. Heinz vegetable soup

8 Steak and kidney puddings.

9 Liver and other offal.

10 Fairy cakes.

11.Potatoes coated in batter then deep fried.

12.Sago pudding.

1I3 Strong brown tea with 6 spoons of sugar per mug

14. Indian brandy.

15 Rum in tea before a big event.

16 Going to Mass 4 times on Snday  when you couldn’t afford breakfast

17 Tinned fruit with jelly from a packet.

18 Custard powder.

19 Jam or sugar sandwiches.

20 Banana or tomato sandwiches

21 Tobacco chewed and spat out.

22 Cigar sandwiches


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