Is A & E having worse problems because we are getting more stupid?


It seems from today’s paper that A & E is overused because younger people want treatment immediately so they are unwilling to wait for their GP to open and never realise the pharmacist can treat simple conditions and are easier to talk to Do not go to A & E with the following complaints especially at night

Your false nails won’t come off

You broke a finger nail

You have a  cold.

Your hair roller has got stuck in your bushy hair.

You  have run out  of elastoplast or aspirins.

You feel bored.

You like that tea they sell in robotic machines.

Your toe nails are dirty and you lost the nail brush.

You   have no stamps and you need to post a letter

You want a pregnancy test.

You have no condoms at home.

You have lost your nail file or comb.

Your cat is ill and the vet is shut

You like eying up nurse.. remember a  lot are now men,anyway… so ladies…No!

You had a row with your wife and are trying to frighten her by pretending to have chest pains.

It’s a cheap day out [ but not for the NHS]

Remember it’s for EMERGENCIES

It costs  on average £1400 per person per visit


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