English works to be studied this term

Oliver Kissed by Charles Thickens

Oxford and literary Manscrapes by  a Don.

Jane’s Hair by Harlot Tonte

Cambridge  Pies and other worrying  notions by Hee.Who Nose.

Love and the afterswoon by A Lady of Note.

Yonder the green men pee by Thomas Tardy.

The end of the world was last night by the BBC

The End of that Despair by Graham  Groan

Three men who can gloat  by Pheronomes K Getoff/

Venture to the Wisteria. by Lance Vandermost

Bridesmaids revisited by Evelyn War.

Collected ruins of English poets chosen by Ted Huggins.

Please keep notes at all lectures and keep in a folder till the Last Judgment.

Music:A selection from Chopin intermingled with Gershwin.Wear ear plugs if you like



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