The effect of seeing things written down

At the bus stop I often see the same people.Most of them seem to read the Mail or the Sun.I find it amazing how they believe things that are printed there more than they believe in the Bible!Especially popular now are articles attacking foreigners,human rights, people on benefits,people with large families and so on.If I were to say [which I rarely do]

Why do you think they publish newspapers? Is it to give us the facts,to make money or to excite us etc?

Mostly that is a waste of time because people get very upset if you disagree or they just repeat it more and more.But soon they may find their own families affected by these new regulations,About 25 % of the population are suffering from anxiety… so I read i n another newspaper which gave its sourse.No doubt all these articles plus all the health ones do trigger anxiety i many people…

That relates to the idea of preventative medicine.If we all do as we are told and eat right ets then we wll be immortal,they imply.Yet we do know we all must die one day.In fact having just seen someone die it seems more amazing that I am still alive.I know we need to be aware of certain issues but the amount of information we are getting is overwhelming.And studies done using a very small number of people are given  a weight much greater than they deserve.So avoid read ing the wrong newspaper or you may have a nervous breakdown


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