Superfish and Stan….Mary says,Amen or Hey,men!


Stan’s new laptop computer with Windows 8.1 seemed very good but  he had discovered that  “superfish “was installed on Lenovo computers for a few months and it is adware with a malicious aspect getting a false trusted certificate into the registry.So Mary had read.
What a pest when this happens. to stupid young or old folk.Mary was about to fix it manually, but first she went the hairdresser, a new and gentle Turkish lady.When Mary went she always said just take a little off the ends but the hairdressers  usually took no notice…possibly because they knew she was often daydreaming and musing and unaware of recent trends So today she came out with a bob long at the sides and short at the back.She had noticed this on other women around the town so she was now on trend for once though Stan her over virile and naughty spouse would probably  hate it as he liked her wild look.Even though she nevr wore the thick makeup and turquoise eyeliner of her friend Annie.
What is that big white dressing in your cleavage,madam, the manager asked Mary  courteously
Oh,it’s where they accidentally sprayed frozen nitrogen over an open wound she said.The doctor was a bit drunk I think but can you blame them when they are so poorly paid?
How can they afford brandy then,he asked curiously.Or is it white spirit or some chemical?
I have no idea said Mary.We never learned that at Yoxford.Differential equations,yes.People,no
So emotional intelligence was not taught? he enquired tactlessly. yet thoughtfully
How could such narrow minded scholars teach that,Mary replied pensively.They have none.Or not much.Well.they could download it from the web.A self teaching aid.There’s a creative notion,she told herself..

But why do we have to learn it @Mary continued quietly.Is it not part of our natural development like learning to speak?  Even Wittgenstein did not speak till he was four and he was never happy but is it normal to be happy when the world is so de-sacralised and bankers steal from the poor and men make whores from young immigrant women who have no idea where to get help.What type of man wishes to have sex with poor, terrified girls?

Are people really depressed now or are they seeing a horrible reality in their world; where military solutions are sought for impossible situations…. fascinating though awful but I must dash home now as my thin old husband needs me to feed him and he is so sweet..goodbye for today.She rushed out without paying but they all knew who she was,
When Mary opened the front door of her detached bijou  residential red brick home she heard Emile  the little  cat sobbing under the bureau in the entrance hall.
I thought superfish were real fish and I wanted to eat them for my dinner,he told her artfully between sobs
Would you like some sardines in olive oil;it might make your fur shine and impress your lady friend,Ariel…..7
Yes,please,Emile mewed.Yum, Ariel.Love you,Mary,
Mary then  removed the  superfish malware with an automatic tool from the Lenovo website which was not as interesting to do but was quicker than a manual approach.But where was her old and patiently used husband Stan? Was he in the shed with his mistress Annie, polishing the tools for springtime or had he gone to the butchers for some liver and pate?Why had he made no sandwiches nor even hardboiled a few eggs?Mary took off the dressing on her chest and looked in the mirror,What a horrible sight,this will keep the men at bay, she thought in a resigned manner more suitable for one about to be beheaded in the Tower of London than merely recovering from  various operations..So she opened a tin of baked beans and scoffed the lot cold and tomatoey,just like that.

What next for this resilient,beautiful and highly unemotionally intelligent lady, we may wonder …. a new boyfriend or two or proof that God must exist but only as a transcendental number…so one can really count on him at times of danger even though as a decimal he was non repeating and endlessly changing,just like a woman one might say.Though women are very various and not all the same.That’s where the Trinity comes in handy.What would we do without it….. may God bless us and drag us out of the mire of sin we are stuck in.Amen.


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