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Autumn Ambles


smile emoticon kolobokBipedal steed awaits with nonchalant ease
Diurnal practice of the rider’s mount;
Fair distance has been growing by degrees,
The mileage on the speedo keeps account.

Of late the rider wears a trendy hat
Lest mishap should assail his hairless head,
His eyes demand protection ‘gainst the gnat
Who wanders willy-nilly, ’tis the dread.

The hour of the day when he appears
Is likely to be in the later morn,
Oft, duty casts their trysting in arrears
Their passionate encounter must adjourn!

Inclement climes despoil their fun-filled jaunt,
Though rider can be seen on stepping steel;
Foul weather resolution cannot daunt,
Long may well-being feed such zeal.

Eurythmic routine pleasures as it trains –
Our hearts, our bodies, spirits and our brains.


(From: New Ventures)

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