What I thought when eating supper

1.Do we need all the different sorts of pasta? I myself rarely eat spaghetti owing to my coordination problems.That is,I drop it on my front.I only buy shells type pasta now but am I missing some flavour or delicacy?

2 My feet are cold.Shall I iron that dress with flowers  on or make it into an apron?

3.Shall I throw away all the odd socks?

4 Why do I read fewer novels now?

5 I  am thinking about the rumour that ISIS are to get here via the Channel Tunnel.

Is it to make us more anti-immigrant?

6.Why did nobody realise the Arabs would not tolerate for ever the way they were viewed by Europe and the USA?

7.Quite a  lot of serious events like the terrorism in Northern Ireland could have been prevented by allowing Catholics to vote even if they did not own a house.Yet nobody saw it…no politicians that is.

8 Will human beings always want to fight?

9 Why is it so windy  and cold in July?Is it my fault?

10 I remember how we used to say “Grace” before meals.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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6 Responses to What I thought when eating supper

  1. mikeoxon says:

    ah…but do they all taste the same?

    Simple spaghetti just needs a simple pesto or perhaps alla puttanesca, Then tagliatelle (egg pasta) supports a good bolognese sauce, while little spirals of fusilli work well with chunkier foods, such as tuna. And what about sheet pasta for lasagne — so that’s four essential types for your cupboard.

    Writing this is making me feel peckish … what’s for supper?


  2. Katherine says:

    It’s just my cupboard is too small…so if they taste the same…..


  3. mikeoxon says:

    It’s always good to ponder the big questions.

    Of course we need all the different types of pasta – variety is the spice of life 🙂

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  4. Bushka says:

    Thoughts are great companions at mealtimes…..;)

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