Still racist in the UK


PasqueFlower2In my entire life so far  I have been physically  attacked three times.That is not counting all the things my brothers did to me as that was jus “play”.However I only informed the police after one more potentially serious attack quite near our house.

I described the man as tall with blonde hair and blue eyes.I got the reply “Was he black?”

So I said I’d not yet seen a black man with blonde hair and blue eyes.All the people who attacked me were white and as far as I could see they were not Jewish either.. nor any other group of people who are  often used as scapegoats in society.One of the attackers was a woman and someone in the hospital knew her… she was crackers.They knew her well.She didn’t  pick me out..I was just too near her in Victoria St in London on my way to see the Abbey.Instead I saw St George’s hospital.At that time you got seen within a few minutes in A and E.

If we are richer now,why is A and E so much worse?That does  puzzle me.If you are dying you get good treatment but otherwise it’s very slow.

I have been asked several times where I come from now.When I say England they look surprised.I hope I don’t get sent back to Scandinavia and end up in a log cabin  in Norway like Wittgenstein.They tell foreigners to go home but when they do they aren’t acceptable there sometimes.It’s too late now to sens us all back where we came from… somewhere in Africa I believe!


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  1. lilianann says:

    I agree nothing wrong whatsoever there has always been people moving to other countries for a better life but here in the UK we are only a small country better to get rid of their bad governments so they can stay in their homeland


    • Katherine says:

      Hi Anne,In theory it sounds good.however who should get rid of these governments and how long would it take?Syria?
      And there are fewer people here than was predicted 50 years ago owing to contraception and abortion/.

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  2. mikeoxon says:

    I think it is easy to confuse racism with a concern for cultural differences. If someone comes to UK from a country where, since childhood, they have lived with the concept that one can only get something done through bribery and corruption, or where women are kept hidden away and any overt expression of sexuality is rigidly repressed, then it is hardly surprising that they have difficulty in adjusting. After all, when there is a major change in our own lives, it can take months or even years to re-adjust.

    We are now experiencing problem with expectations. No one wants to see their country ruled by outsiders but, at the same time, people may aspire to perceptions that life is much better elsewhere and want to go and find it for themselves. I don’t think anyone has any sensible solutions for the current problems over entry into Britain. In the absence of anything useful to say, people resort to absurd criticisms, such as of the PM’s use of the word ‘swarm’ – didn’t sailors used to swarm over the rigging? What on earth is wrong with the term.

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    • Katherine says:

      I agree.. and one can have a problem like I had when i wanted to make an informal complaint about a nurse but hesitated as she is West indian..That is racist,not to criticize.
      I’d not been keeping up with the news but the situation seems to have got very complex and the people more desperate;some have now died falling off trains or lorries.
      Swarming is a word which used to be used a lot..but less so now.People will always find something to fit their own concerns or daft ideas.I remember hearing Mum say the market was swarming on Saturdays.
      i expect Cameron meant it’s getting overwhelming in public perceptions.
      i felt better not watching the news


  3. lilianann says:

    How scary to be attacked 😦 my daughter was punched once by an old drunk man and the police came round but didn’t seem at all concerned which was worrying 😦

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  4. Bushka says:

    Good question oft evaded! 😳

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