We don’t know ourselves

Photo0781Oh how I long,I long  to meet with you

Beside the lilac filled with honey dew.

I’d hold you gently in my arms and say

You are me and I’m in love today.

Where is the wickedness in l oving all our self?

Even in the night and when it’s done with stealth?

I dream, I speak and understand myself

Enriched forever with this new and  precious wealth

And then I’ll love my neighbour if he’s very kind

And if he has a free and open mind.

For if we love ourselves we are relaxed

And so we need to make no cold attacks.

was in fragments lying on the ground

Until these bits a passing angel found

I was put into a kiln to bake

Thus now I am a brick or maybe a sponge-cake.

Let’s enjoy our humour as we come and go

And as the laughter starts yet tears may flow.

For I was you and you were me not long ago

Accept our losses as we onward flow…

The river runs,the clouds blow by

The heavens open yet my mouth is dry.

Don’t ask a question that begins with why.

Remember just we live and then we die.

Oh,send me roses and your orchids wild

I have loved flowers since I was a child

So when I die, let them die too

First covering me in scent and fragrant dew.

To mystery and darkness we are sent at last

As nightfall comes and our day has passed.

To dreams of heaven and the long ago

When Eden was on earth and gentle winds did blow


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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