As smart as they come

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Created with Nokia Smart Cam

  • I feel so sorry for the bookworms that lived in the caves alongside the first humans.They must have gnawed on bones for thousands of years until someone opened a library.
    When you say someone opened a library it makes it sound like a tin of soup.
    Yes,think of the waste of tinned food till somebody invented the electric tin opener.
    It makes me think.
    What about?
    The tragedies all around us.
    Like the worms tha live in the soil underneath the London Eye.
    How about the bats that lived in Stratford until that gigantic shopping centre was opened.
    Still I must admit it’s been very good news for all the shoplifters in East London where there were no shops worth lifting.
    And all the thieves who had no rich people to steal from.
    What about all those writers who lived before alphabets were invented and so they had to become artists instead
    It’s enough to make a woman weep.
    Oh,I wouldn’t go as far as that.
    No,you always were faint hearted…
    Well,heart transplants may have been invented but I don’t want one,
    Do you want two?
    I am indecisive.
    I’m under sized
    Lucky sized!
    Give over.
    You might make me laugh and comedy may not have been invented yet.
    what a tragedy.
    Let’s cry…if it’s been invented!
    I’ll weep if not.
  • How lucky we are that reading had been invented as what would we do with our writing otherwise

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  1. mikeoxon says:

    I often think of all those cave-men who were latent concert pianists – or whatever. But then how many of us today are fortunate enough to discover our own individual talents. How many potential great violinists have never even touched a violin?

    And what about House Sparrows before houses? They were probably a rare species until their time came. A key factor in evolution is opportunism. All those birds (and butterflies) that set off to fly across oceans, and mostly perish in the attempt, might be the saviours of their species if conditions turn adverse on their original continent.

    To everything there is a season!

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  2. I love this one…made me smile before going to bed:) janet. xxx

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