Casualities of War

A very moving poem

I rent you some sin

It is not my rotting body that feeling hurt, it is my heart which hoping to see just a glimpse of your hair.

Your dead body below me,
covered in dirty soil
5 meter distance between us,
I know you will definitely back.

They saw bullet peel your brain off,
You were screaming my name
What a pain to remember me,
they said on your ‘last moment,’
but I know you will definitely back.

Been a hundred years,
My potion keeping my soul to stay at my body,
Death is lesser pain.

I’ll wait, I’ll wait,
I’ll wait until you regain your live,
until you regain your body back,
Until your brain back to one perfect piece,
I’ll have so many potion to have a long live,
To have a long wait, to make sure one day I see you
Back being live again.

That time I’ll rant to you,

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