Alpha beta

attraction and  attentiveness advantage aged alcoholics and asiatic alaskans altogether in an austrian amlet and an autistic artist avant garde attends at an appositely accidental amen

bizarre and blatant behavior  brings  blooming  bother to bereaved british bystanders by the billion,BTW

confusing conclusions  call for continuing care and community counselling in Coventry

 don’t deny ,damning drugs does damage downwind,dear,despite dealing with it  when drunk

evidence and experience entwine and enthrall  eerily in the educational experiment in East End and elsewhere.

fortunes foretold frequently ferment  the fundamental frizzling  frictions of friends too familiar for freedom or folly

gerontology gigs :grandpa’s  groaning and green grave gaped at god-idolisers going out  to grass

haematological  harassment has harmed the hospital hawfully so they haver haughtily and let that be the hend of it

infiltration in the interior is indeed intriguing if not impressively intense and interpreted injections of ill humour imbibe in bed and in bottles

jesuitical jousting jars the jauntless and jawdroppers and the jolly jews ,even jesus himself jeers at the jumped up jewelled jaguars

logic leaning lefties leave a legacy of lassitude and longing long-term for labour luddites

meaningful mysterious and mad:my memoirs made mercifully minute and miniscule yet momentous

nominally. names  never  need numbers for  numerous narcissistic needs and norms to be  on the net

outrageous odium often overestimates  our omnipotent  orderings of ownership over our own oughts

perfidious proud and parsimonious: phillipa the peace-loving princes of paris and her perils, pearls, perfume and pending paper tigers

quarantine ,quakes and quivers  in the quorum  and are quotidian queerly; we question all

romantic revelations rolled round wrecklessly in their  romping room ,revealing ruth wrapped in their red rug

supernatural smart-ware seems “sensible” sometimes,say scientists  yet sincerely

talking tantrum tweakers take the tablet together then tend towards tautology but not too technically, they take thrills trippingly towards the town’s interior tapless

walking wonders work  out well,worn in winter weather, whether you want one or not

x-amine xylophones for xxxxxxxxx

yearnings  of the young  yield to years of yardwork and yacking or yawning and yowling

zygotes and zen:zoology for zoned  out zombies near the zeider zee and zelsewhere


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