Why do people like to ask questions

Why did Jesus cross the road?

Because he lived on the Other Side.

Why did Jesus cross the road?

Because he saw the Light over there.

Why did Jesus cross the road?

Because the traffic lights were on red.

Why did Socrates invent logic?

Because he had no  TV.

Why did Euclid take a bath?

Because geometry made him sweat.

Why did Plato ban the poet?

Because he had no licence.

Why did Plato like caves?

Because he was prone to sunburn.

Why is fantasy bad?

Because it’s not good for the Market economy

Why do cats laugh?

Because they can’t smile.

Why did Moses cross the desert?

Because  he’d lost his smartphone maps app

Why was Solomon so wise?

Because he mulled over his ideas daily

Why are black sheep considered bad

Because they are rare?

Why does Leonard Cohen wear a hat on stage?

Because he likes attention


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