Should someone tell the government that the Royal Family are mainly foreign genetically or does being English pass down through the mother?

Why anyway do we keep calling people foreign?We are lal foreign to someone!It’s a question of  our viewpoint.How about in the USA.Do they call each other foreign there?

I suppose we evolved to prefer our own families bit also that is where there is most violence.So love is not enough,in any case.Most of  us hate our nearest ones now and then.

Is it fair for the USA to start wars but not to help the victims caused by the collapsing states in the Middle East.Why don’t they take some of the  poor Syrians as well?I expect there are a good number already there and it’s a big country.

If you live in an all white English village and are terrified of Muslims,Jews,Roman Catholics and dogs how about moving to Alston in the Pennines.It’s the highest town in England and probably the coldest so it might not suit people from  a hotter climate..You go there and they can stay down here in the lowlands..BTW there are a few bulls roaming free in the Pennine Way!


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