Should Eve and Adam still be here on earth

There is a sense that permeates our souls
Which places value on the good of all.
Humankind is viewed then as a whole.
Blame not allocated to  a Fall.
Shall we believe that God can sulk for aeons
That he will torment  creatures for their sin?
Such theories are dilemmas to our brains
And put us in a  race we cannot win.
Should Eve and Adam still be here on earth
If  on that plum they had not sucked and bit?
It makes our lives seem to have little worth
To take this as a given in Holy Writ.
For  life’s for adults, not for girls and boys.
Do simple theories take the place of toys?

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One Response to Should Eve and Adam still be here on earth

  1. Bushka says:

    A & E are still here…to be sure……Adam and Eve, that is. 😉 xx


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