Ironical thoughts

Well,you know,we could not have saved the European Jews  from the Holocaust because how could we have fitted 6 million people into Britain? Or even one million?So we had no choice.And if Jesus was there… tough!

Sometimes we are talking at different levels of discourse.Life is sacred yet especially  since 2001 we have seen much that has horrified us and terrified the suffering masses in the Middle East.

Now, if God wanted those refugees to live would he not have sent  them help?

God:I did send help.. it is US

Someone told me that if we let these in it wil encourage more to come ; the ones who are coming have little choice as the refugee camps have no more food in Jordan and Lebanon…But is it right to turn our eyes away?


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2 Responses to Ironical thoughts

  1. Katherine says:

    I find that so true,even in my poems I get thoughts I didn’t know I had… one advantage of writing them I suppose.. hope you enjoy a good weekend.,Seems to come round faster!:)xx


  2. Bushka says:

    Strange how our thoughts work! Can be quite illuminating to reflect upon our own thoughts. 😉

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