I don’t like that they rhyme with onions

tiff infomation

tiff infomation

Doctor,doctor, it’s my bunions.

Why,what’s wrong with your bunions?

I don’t like that they rhyme with onions

Try boiling them  not rhyming with them

What ,boiling my poems?What would I put on my blog?

I am getting irritated now.

Did you know it’s a symptom of pernicious anaemia,sometimes?

Been on wikipedia again,have we.

I know more than you,doctor.

Is knowing it any help.?

Well it might increase one’s tolerance of other’s moods.

That is the rub.How do you know when a mood is caused by a bodily  malfunction or by some emotional upset ?

I think it exaggerates what is there  naturally to an intolerable level so we begin to go mad.

And if you were mad already would it make you go normal?

Of course not.It would make you even madder.

Well,anyway I have to go  now.

So do I.It’s those prunes.

Do they have  iron in them?

Only if you press them.

So about bunions…did Mussolini have them?


I just wondered.

It’s wondering that causes all your problems.

Well it gives me an  interest.

I wonder why we all want an interest..

Now you are doing it as well

it must be catching.

Cheerio then.I’m going to the bathroom

Aren’t we all?

I don’t understand you.

Me neither.




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