With my mind,I thee wed

  • Doctor,I think I have got my head screwed on the wrong way.
    Did nobody tell you it is a bayonet fitting? How sad.

    Doctor,I have lost my mind.
    Then who is speaking?

    Doctor I really have lost my mind.
    I’ll write you a prescription.
    What for?
    It’s a new drug.It will stop you caring you have lost your mind.
    But is that right?
    No,but it’s easier than re-minding you.

    Doctor,I feel very blue this morning.
    Well,you look like a ripe peach.
    What’s the use of that?
    I could pluck you.
    Buy a guitar and pluck that!
    Are you always like this?
    I don’t know,I have lost my mind.
    We found one in the waiting room.
    Can I have it?
    Suppose it’s not yours?
    Well,any mind is better than none….
    False….who would want Hitler’s mind?
    I see what you scream.
    Thank you very clutch.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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