I hear you calling me

Samsung and Delilah
Sam sung  it by her.
Eve and the Apple
She gave him her nipple
Believe me,he’s supple.
Sony at times with intermittent towers
Sony wonder I am mad after living with UHU all my life
Nokia  than thou? I’ll goggle later
Nokia or ring the bell below
Nokia or we will not hear you calling me
Nikon,babe.I am all fears
Nikon my door anytime.
Microsofter by a  thin layer  of molecules
Google with fluoride mouthwash
Frugal by nature.
Alcatel  it off and then what will you do?
Alcatel something was wrong.
Motorola   the lawn for me
Motorola for the Sabbath meal
LG needs you.Say when.
LG is the son of BG
Siemens they never met after all
Siemen don’t see it like women.
RIM  is grim says Finn.
Sorry,  I can’t answer your call.My Samsung  has  over-deleted itself and I am hot with fury.



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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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