Rejoice now for it ends debate

The fire that cleanses, consummates.
Rejoice now for  it ends debate
I   been dead for four  years, dear
Bury me  for love is here.
Death repeats itself in song
In the waves where  sailors sinned.
Ancestral  voices call to me:
For Jesus’ sake, make us some tea.
Jesus, master, make me strong.
Heretic , I loved your song.
Show yourself to me, your child.
I have waited , sweet beguiled.

I would see you, can not wait

Tragic is many girls’ fate.
Slain by  men whom  they loved deep
Love is murder and it’s cheap.
Whores are paid and get rewards.
Bitterness is far too hard.
Men are lonely, so they say,
Did you come here to get laid?
Yet men must marry and then slay.
You can buy them on E bay
Paypal is a women’s friend
Pay St Peter and ascend.
Your little face is wrinkled now
Suffer me to stroke your brow.
You tried so hard to  choose  the path
Did you hear the primrose laugh?
Goodbye, my dove,I hear the call
Take me soon and take me all.

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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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