Emotions overwhelmed before we’d words.

Unable to recount by spoken word
What speechless  infancy endured in fear,
Through the body pain and hurt are shared.

In the doctor’s office, body bared
The blood test and the scan are both quite clear
Unable to express this pain by any words.

“Show , don’t tell” is in this case, absurd.
Wise for writers, not much good right here
The body hurts so human minds are spared.

Expressions on the face are not endured
Affectless  and wooden, yet unfeared;
Emotions overwhelmed before we’d words.

Like the Dutch boy’s thumb held back  the waves
But inner seas are not the oceans fierce
The body jerks , believing minds are spared.


Sometimes our defences cost us dear.
Yet floods can kill, destroy, debase and jeer.
Unable to recount by  our own words
With the body, pain and hurt are bared.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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