How to learn English the long way



Jellied heels with frayed bunions
Muck hurtled suit.
Satirical  brains on boast.
Melania and grate solid
Fried brides on crumpets


Trumpled stake with French eyes and  invalid.
Lamb on the fence with sacred rice
Walls of macaroni cheese   free with cold ovaries
Conger reels on a bed of lies  and fried pirhanas.
Roast dicks and  grated parrots.
Toast reef and Yorks old Rifkind


Korean I Scream with nuclear frissons
Custard warts and bedlam
Apple Trumplings with whites’ sauce.
Disputin’ cold farts.
Settlers nets on Yahoo with cream gaps.
Mexican planks  with caramel blusters.


About Katherine

I like poetry and history, literature and music.
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