He has no self at all, if all’s his wish.

No mirror for reflection in his mind
He says whatever suits  that moment’s wish
Thus he is to truth  disabled,  blind

Pride and power  make human beings  unkind.
But  reflecting   can  point to what’s amiss.
There’s no mirror for reflection in his mind

In phantasy, we obtain what we  design.
But  fancied love won’t give  a fleshly kiss
We are  to truth  and  justice surreal,blind

To  find  the  truth  we  cannot be malign
Must view  again the  images  dismissed
Who can use the mirrors  in   their minds?

Judging of our leaders is no crime;
For we judge our selves and that is less than bliss
When  leaders lie, the world is undermined

He has no self at all,  if  all’s his wish.
Inevitable  the fall to  the abyss
He has no space for mirrors in his mind
Thus he is to danger doubly blind.


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