How illness or strain can affect us





This interests me as I can see it might have political relevance in cases /conflicts such as Israel-Palestine as well as in sick people.It makes one  be unable to apologise or see another person’s point of view



Illness can push people into the paranoid-schizoid position

There are two different ways of responding to anxiety; the paranoid-schizoid  (p-s) and depressive positions.

In the paranod-schizoid position, anxieties are about life and death.   There may be underlying panic and massive fears.

  • time stands still
  • we see things as ‘you OR me’ , ‘your life OR mine’, not ‘you AND me’.
  • selfishness may save our life
  • consideration for others is cut off and out
  • we split people and things into simple categories, depending on whether they will keep us alive or threaten us
  • the capacity for reasoned thought is lost
  • apology is impossible  – responsibility is so frightening it has to be disowned
  • huge, life-threatening self-blame is covered up by blaming someone else
  • people can be afraid they should pay for their sins with their lives – so in order to save their lives, they may deny their sins.
  • forgiveness is not an option
  • other people may be felt as dangerous, threatening, intrusive.
  • other people may be used or manipulated or threatened, as a way of getting rid of terrible anxieties into them and out of the self
  • other people may be seen as cartoon characters:  Perfect Angels or Monsters, Saviours or the Devil himself.”

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