Abandon whips

The sun shone at the rubbish tip so I used it as a pen
Prose  at any other time is acceptable but in the late winter we need poetry.
A solitary ghoul hid  invisibly in the wardrobe with my dresses and whispered poems into my ear.
That’s my excuse and I never use it.
A hole  full of  invisible banging ghosts annoyed us all day and the
sea gulls annoyed us all night.
Or perhaps it was the other way round?
A bowl full of tomorrow’s roses will be welcome tonight at dinner.
A rubber sole of discretion for spies is available on demand.Apply carefully
Getting a  fiery heart helps you to keep warm but it can burn out faster.
Abandon whips and shades of grey.We want roses all the way
About traces of flu…wash them away with TCP or hot Tea
Above soared the swallows and one bit my tongue …was that wrong?If it was I am Wang
Do the rich prey on humans ?
Absence makes the heart grow in yonder green valley where a pretty lady lives.
Absolute power disrupts  dissolutely and powerlessness is the same
A face in a hole depicts existential nothingness in graphic
It’s a cartoon  for tea today
God save our butter beans.Long live the baking queens~
Long may you hear  sunbeams at night
God waived our dreams.
Too many fools are stewing in all our state offices.
Did poinsettias come here from some other place or are they natives?
Immigrants?Send me back to Saxony to the farm my ancestors mowed [My name before marriage was Saxon]
Too many people let out their wrath.On immigrants
Achilles.. no deal
Too many fools embroiled in governing others
The finger on the dial keeps looking for the loo.



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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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