Going to the bathroom


Apparently  a new law is being passed which says we have to prove we are male or female biologically before entering the boys’ or girls’ bathroom
This is a really good idea because it will create thousands of new jobs.Because every   toilet outside of our own home we will have to be inspected to make sure we are in the right toilet.So a new job of willy inspector is to be created
Men and boys will have to show their willies to the guard outside the toilet and if they have none they will be sent to the girl’s toilet.But that is harrassment to  make them show they are trans in public.Surely that is not  kind.
But as revealing your willy  in public is a crime you may get arrested for indecent behaviour.The next minute you will wet yourself.I foresee a big rise in sales of nappies.Then you will be in prison awaiting trial and there are no toilets as the government can’t afford inspectors in prisons
The numbers of judges will rise and even the judges will have to bare their willies if they want to go to the men’s toilets and then they will be arrested too which is whimsical
It could be that 50 % of the population will be employed  inspecting others’ organs
Then the next hard question is: what if the willy inspector wants to go to the toilet? Is this like Russell’s paradox?
Meantime, how will people queuing for the ladies prove they are ladies biologically ?The best way is to make it a crime  for  women to wear clothes.Then we can all see whether they have willies and it could make some of us  more neurotic
We can manage without clothes like the Patagonians
.Of course  some men might be affected by naked women in their offices but there is always a difficulty which can be over come.The main trouble here is for trans females.The answer is  to let women trans or not use separate cubicles  in the toilets so nobody will see their organs of whatever kind.
We’ll see more new crimes like women arrested  for walking round the shops wearing dresses.Then the police will undress them in public.Remember France last summer?
So we will need more police and we will have all the clothes shops going bust.
Why not have just one lot of toilets for everybody.No urinals,jusy lots of  cubicles? I never liked urinals.They are  a form  of abuse to women… harrassment, you’ve seen nothing yet.They are just so men can show off

And suppose some men like exposing themselves?They’d be at the toilet 10 times an hour.When would they work?
The whole thing is a farce.
Let’s all go behind a  Bush.


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