Pig in smoke,louse on fire

  • Pig in smoke,louse on fire
  • A pink jelly set so I trifled
  • Grace for everything and everything in God’s grace
  • I am vague on both your houses
  • A fiddle wrapped up in an enigma cause Customs  to crack my code and make me sing
  • A rolling bone gathers no dental floss
  • Your hose by any other name would smell as sweet,,
  •  I got Trump ‘flu.
  • A safe lair for bands,
  • The sea  cringed in the Tempest
  • I shot across the flow like an arrow in  Ariel
  • A chamber pot is a charm ,
  • Boa shot in  the ark,Noah on trial
  • A  what in the dark?
  • Short but fun bedding,
  • A Site for Sore Eyes,
  • A grudge hammer to knock him flat
  • A worry  blight
  • A  room full of  lovers helps the medicine go down,

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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