The storm clouds

The storm clouds wander random as a glance
Let’s toss the dice and choose a president
The sunset’s mauve and willing clouds a-bounce

The lies and fake news breed and so advance
Conquer minds and hearts of residents.
The storm clouds wander ,random as  a glance

Shall we fight or leave the end to chance?
The danger of the latter’s evident
The sky is mauve and thunder might roll once.

What is life like after the romance?
What seemed a louse may be an elephant.
Yet storm clouds wander random  to my glance

Who made the madmen who now high boot prance
As politicians  building walls   of cant.
The sky is mauve and God needs  a seance.

Are these human add ons ,miscreants
Wearing Nazi slogans as they rant?
The storm clouds shudder. random, elegant
The sunset’s fire has gone ; there is no dance


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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