Want to eat out?

Eat at your own riskdsc00018

First course

Ginger shampoo and boiled onions  on a bed  of  buttered snails
Lemon, barley   and pepper jelly with a dash of bustard.
Cat food on toast [wholemeal] with  yellowish salad

Main course

Dead blackbird pie and gravy with one  fresh spinach leaf per portion
Baked potatos and chilli beans with fresh chicken wings.
Soup frozen over a lake of lamb chops and sprouts


Eve’s own  apple pie and Carnation milk right from the tin
Adam’s apple baked in pastry and flustered
Tomato jam tart with caramel rocks and treble cream
Desert delight and sand to toss on to it  from an oasis of  peas
Bethlehem cheese   plus slice of  border Wall  and crackers.
Rocket junket and cheesecake with barbed wire kebabs of needed.


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I love writing , conversation, art, wild flowers, music and air.And books
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