The future’s fiction,and Ted Hughes has spun it

I ought to write a sonnet,oh goddamit.
The future’s fiction,and Ted Hughes has spun it
A sonnet quite informal for the planet
I ought to write one but I need a permit.

If I’d like to write a sonnet ,I will plan it
As Mary Queen of Scots embroidered rabbits.
The sonnet is  much too strong a habit.
Get the Book or I shall steal or grab it.

So I want  to write a minute  yet perfect sonnet
If there’s a  prize   so far I ‘ve rarely won it
Ask Dante, was  it Petrarch who just done it?
A sonnet is  a sexist name.Goddamit

You think it’s really great to write Platonic?
If you saw my form , you’d learn I’m not a cynic



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