The future’s fiction,it is not too late 2

If words  cost  money,what do you think you’d say
When we ate  our meal  late in the day?
If words cost that much money, would we dare
To spend all  that we had  to mouth  a prayer?

If words cost  money,how  good is your bank?
If we are rich I have your work to thank.
If words cost money, do write me a cheque
Before I start  to talk  or to regret.

If words cost   money, are  the wealthy rich?
Their words are  worth  less  than a needle stitch.
If words take all your money, here’s the Word
He said,give it away,but we’ve not  dared.

He is the Word   which spoken made the world
But  why have such great evils since  occurred?
Why would  G-d   who’s Love  and Logos too
Be  daily killed  as humans fight anew?

The burning bush no longer has  its flames
Jesus dies;  the angels weep in shame


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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