I am X’s wife

I met a neighbour waiting for the bus
He asked why I’ve not remarried yet
I said men don’t like clever wives
But like a cat I have nine lives
So one day some kind man may quite forget.

He asked why I don’t move into a flat
I said I’ll join the circus acrobats
He said,why you can hardly walk
Which makes  you easier to stalk
I disappeared and he is looking yet.

I wonder why men offer me advice
But yet nobody  loves me more than twice
I think I’ll cross the gender lines
And pay a ransom or a fine
Then I’ll pick a  lady for my wife

They say 1/16  of a percent are mixed
So when they are older they must choose their sex
I’m glad we seem to have less shame
And they are in no way to blame
Otherwise they’d all be total wrecks.

I did a quizz my IQ’s 65
The most moronic algebraist alive.
As I am 9/10ths masculine
I wonder it it is a sin
To look so cute when I am  X’s wife

Maybe I am gay but just don’t know
A phallic symbol turned me to and fro
I think I need Viagra now
But my doctor’s a real cow
She said, where you go I shall also go.

So now she follows  Biblical texts too
Her name’s not Rachel,  yet she is a Jew
She desires eternal sex
And   all I want’s eternal rest
I think the Hebrew Bible’s  writers do.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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