Hatred keeps people away

You loved me, but not the  true way
I am not sure  of how I can say
You could not take
An error or mistake
If you can’t  trust  then it ‘s safer to hate

Hatred keeps people away
You projected yours every day
I hoped trust would grow
But I don’t think so
Love makes us  open to blows


I noticed you found a new friend
You smile and you hold her slim hand
I wish I could warn her
Her life will be stormier
Dancing on eggs  till the end

What keeps this man going on
Who will be his new victim?
He starts with great charm
Before the alarm
Rings in  the mind and he’s gone

He broke my new window one time
He had to escape from his crimes
He swings to and fro
He wants us to know
He is the best or the worst every time


No shades of grey are perceived
So little mistakes make him scream
He curses or blesses
Endures many losses
He’s the cat who upended the cream


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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