Perhaps life’s real answers will prove to be dietary

Modern society; oh, what notoriety!
A dress  one can see through; they make sure we do, do, do
I wonder  what I can  say  writing my poetry

Some folks are models of total sobriety
From the top  of the head to the well-heeled  big toe too
Modern society  creates much notoriety

I wanted to  practise medicine and psychiatry
But my unconscious mind  caught  that  terrible swine flu
I wonder what one can achieve by learning poetry?

I studied the foot and learned much “podiatry”
How to cut corns off   or   stick them  back: superglue
Modern society  maims  with notoriety

Perhaps life’s  real answers will prove to be dietary
Stop all this writing and run to the Super Zoo
What I can achieve just making this poetry?

When you phone me up  you say “is that you, Lou”
I’ll  say  I felt bitter but now I’m just” Boo Hoo”!
Modern society  creates notoriety
I wonder  where I   can live  with my poetry


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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