Don sold his soul to be the devil’s mouse

I charge my phones and then the backup thing
A battery to carry in my bag
So if my mobile phones don’t ever ring
I’ll charge them £20  as I  am mad.

Of course, the battery itself needs charge
I’ll charge it with disrupting my real life
I’ll send it to the police inside a cage.
And say I may be married yet no wife.


Then I have my   combs and my nail file
I comb my hair each day to look for mice
Sometimes there are so many  imbeciles
Or do I mean the nits from those black lice?

Maybe I’ll have a Kindle in my bag
For reading in the waiting room  all day
I ‘m reading C.Fred Alford and his snag?
He  makes most other writers seem  quite grey,

I could read  up on News from my smartphone
In case Bibi and Donny   make more tweets
Where now is their dignity; at home?
Where now is their virtue; out on loan?

No these modern statespersons are rum
They think they  need  more wars  just for  plain fun
We’re not real to them and what’ve they done?
Dropped some bombs and fired their little gun?

I guess success comes at a  price like Faust.
Don sold his soul to be the devil’s mouse.
So Satan moves him round, and  even worse
He teaches him to swear in rhyming verse.



About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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