I have had a muff


I have re-drawn my boundaries so we no longer intersect…Eve.
Thank you for the heathen, please ring, Josie.
I never want to flee from you again,  I  have pre-flown, Anne.
You promised me a rose pardon, not a humorous growth, Hubert.
I’ll never prey on women again in case I meet you or your doppelganger, Bill.
This week my prayers are sponsored by Hewlett-Packard as God likes HP sauce, Kate.
You  cried out  like a  radioactive boar at first but then you went over the hedge and wanted love in the nettlebed.Too rash for me, Tom.
I only married you for lack of other duffers, Marie.
You are a very good actress or actor as we PC folk say now.I truly believed you liked me until you thought I was a tea bag and brewed me .What does it all seem? Jim
If and only if you die I shall grant you eternal rest.So wake up and play, Tim.
Life, what’s it all but a doubt? Joseph
I know God loves me from afar but I had hoped you would approach me bodily, Tora.
My husband liked his mother so much he practically married her.
Ariel gets the dirt out of your clothes and you will be amazed when you see them.They’ll look different but will feel you the same.
I never wish to be you again, Cleo.
I never wish to strangled with glue again, Antony.
Caesar was killed by a brute  with a stagger and a hungry fiend
I’ve never trespassed on God but why does he keep watching us?
I need a new gas cooker.The oven is no G-d.No use worshipping  this…Baal!

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